Lancaster CART

Lancaster County Animal Response Team

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First, think about this...


- Fire has destroyed your home, barn and the stables. All your possessions are gone. A local assistance agency has stepped in to help you find shelter while you rebuild and put your life back together.

Or this...

- Your Lancaster County home is under water. The boats have come to help you, your family and neighbors get out of your homes and into the shelter that has been set up in a nearby school.


Or this...

- It is winter. Power has been out for several days and no one knows when it will be back on. There's no heat, no water, no light; the food is spoiling. It's time to leave and get into a public shelter.



What happens to any pets or livestock that are involved in these events?

  • Who helps free them if they're trapped?
  • Who takes care of them at the scene if they're injured?
  • Who gets them to safety?
  • Who shelters and feeds them?
  • Who makes sure they get veterinary medical attention?
  • Who keeps track of them and makes sure they are reunited with their families or owners?

    Who is Lancaster CART ???