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Lancaster County Animal Response Team

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We are the

Lancaster County Animal Response Team

       Lancaster CART is an organization of volunteers from Lancaster County who are trained to assist with rescuing, sheltering and protecting pets, livestock and other animals during accidents and natural or man-made disasters such as floods, tornadoes, fires, hazardous material spills, power outages, terrorist attacks and other catastrophic situations. Lancaster CART is part of the Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team program and is activated by and operates under the jurisdiction of the Lancaster County Emergency Management agency.

       Lancaster County has more than 40,000 farms and at least 590,000 cattle, hogs, sheep and pigs, the most in Pennsylvania, plus tens of millions of poultry. It also has a large number of working horses due to its resident Amish population as well as numerous leisure horses. The number of livestock transported along its highways and railways every day is not known. Also, Lancaster County is one of the most flood-prone counties in the Commonwealth.

       All this adds up to the potential for animals of all kinds to be injured in roadway crashes, in farm accidents or in other dangerous, even deadly, events. They will need help, help from people trained and organized by Lancaster CART.


Some History

       Millions of animals died during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd which struck North Carolina in 1998. Thousands more - livestock, horses, cattle and pets alike - were left to fend for themselves and couldn't. Hurricane Katrina was much the same story.

       In both, and similar disasters, some owners died because they refused to abandon their pets when they learned they could not take them to shelters. Many of those animals - and humans as well - could have been saved had there been a plan. Realizing this, the federal government created the State Animal Response Team program which Pennsylvania joined in 2004.

       And, because disastrous events require quick response by trained volunteers who are near the scene, the Commonwealth organized or is organizing, County Animal Response Teams like the one here in Lancaster County.